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Posted: 2-12-2014, 2:11:51 PM
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So Josh Richardson hits a 3 pointer to cut a 7 point deficit to 2 (53-51) and Cuonzo Martin takes a timeout with 6:19 in the game. You've got the Gators on the run, the crowd is ready to raise the roof there! Why are you taking a time out there. Keith Hatfield had a great point on our Tennessee Basketball Overtime call in show last night when he said the following 'Cuonzo Martin approaches the game like he's an NBA coach but one thing he doesn't seem to get is that college basketball is all about emotion.' So, why does Cuonzo constantly squelch the emotion? Let it feed on itself.

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After Cuonzo's time out, the Vols only scored 6 points the rest of the game to lose 67-58. How can Tennessee lose to a team that shot 36% from the field? It makes no sense. It just stinks to consider that guys like Stokes, Maymon and Jordy Mac could go out with zero NCAA appearances. It seems unfathomable that a team with this kind of material could be in a spot where they must win 6-7 to stay in the conversation for an NCAA Tourney berth. Now, the Mizzou game becomes huge.

Randy Moore of shared with me yesterday on the show that the Florida game was the biggest of Cuonzo Martin's tenure in Knoxville. Now, you can slide that marker over to Mizzou. It's a 4pm start and we will be having a listener Watch Party @ Crown & Goose in the Old City. Hope you'll come out and join us!

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Keith Hatfield, presented by Springs Dock Resort, brings Hatfield's Hardwood Report.
Hatfield's Hardwood Report

'Tennessee put itself in a position to garner a season validating win over Florida last night. They then fumbled that opportunity and recovered it just long enough to somehow dunk it over the shot clock.

The Vols had the Gators on the ropes and TBA was as loud as it has been in recent memory. They simply didn't finish the task.

There's no doubt that Jeronne Maymon's turnovers badly hurt the UT cause. However, I'm not going to fault a kid who has poured his soul into rehabilitating his injured knee and getting back on the floor. I fault a coach with a seven figure salary who leaves a kid who is obviously having an awful night out there to fail in a major way. That's just another example of Cunzo Martin not having the backs of his

Florida is a fantastic basketball team. I won't be at all shocked if they are one of the Final Four participants. The play with a competitive fervor that Tennessee has now failed to match twice. The Gators corralling almost every 50/50 ball was about effort, not simple luck.

Tennessee's task is now clear. The Vols must find six wins between now and the end of the regular season or miss the NCAA Tournament. If the goal of significant March basketball goes unmet, DaveHart must make a coaching change or watch the basketball program wither away to Houstonesque levels of apathy. That's sad state of affairs for a team with the personnel this one possesses.

Quick Hitters:

Xavier appears to have righted the ship. Winning at Butler last night keeps them safely in contention for an at large bid.

Ole Miss did a great job of sabotaging their own hopes for March. You just can't lose to teams like Alabama when you are chasing a bid.

Syracuse travels to Pitt for the rematch of what was one of the better games of the year. The Orange will have to be exceptional to remain undefeated.

Boise State tries to keep its flatlining NCAA hopes alive at home against New Mexico. The Bronocs are running out of chances to build a resume.

Missouri hosts Arkansas in what has the feel of an elimination game. Hard to see the loser of that one making the field.

Utah is one of the under the radar bid candidates. They can't afford a loss at woeful USC.


To your point about Florida's level of bringing it and want to, that play by Young diving on the floor in the final couple of minutes of the game was absolute money. Just amazing hustle.

One of the teams vying for an NCAA Tourney bid in the NCAA laid a huge egg last night as Ole Miss lost to Alabama. Bama was riding a four game losing streak over poor Anthony Grant. Poor Ole Miss. The poor SEC. So Poor in hoops. Link

SEC is where head coaching dreams go to die. @Coachingchanges on Twitter published their Hot Seat Rankings through last night's games. Cuonzo Martin is climbing. Why does it have to be this difficult?

@CoachingChanges Hot Seat Rankings Top 10:
1) Alabama
2) Boston College
3) Virginia Tech
4) Rice
5) Tennessee
6) Maryland
7) DePaul
8) Auburn
9) Texas A&M

There's a video trail for everything these days. Here's dash-cam video of the UT arrest over the weekend. Coaches were at the scene? This story just took a strange turn. Never saw this coming. Link

I get that North Carolina is a founding member of the Regal Society. We all understand this. How do they explain this level flaunting NCAA rules and procedures. 'Functionally illiterate'? Cafe Wha? Link

Today's Voice Of Choice:
'Hi Tone:

Let me also throw my congrats for coming out
as a straight white man yesterday on the show. Mighty big
stones you have for doing so. We can all learn from
you. You're very inspiring to me.

I checked out the recruiting map you posted yesterday (Link) and something really stood out. Do you realize that of the 13 other SEC schools, only 3, yes 3 signed any TN kids? Vandy and Mizz had 3 each and Ole Miss took 1.

CBJ pitched a shutout over Bama, Auburn, GA, KY, Miss
St and Arky. AKA-- states that border Tennessee. Let
that resonate. When is the last time those schools
didn't pluck off some low-hanging fruit from our state?
You can also throw in LSU, FL, SC and TX AM too. zip,
zilch, nada.

Amazing job by CBJ!

Keep up the good work,


Breakout of SEC Football players invited to NFL combine according to @SECESPN: BAMA 12, ARK 4, AUB 5, UF 8, UGA 2, UK 1, LSU 11, MISS ST 2, MIZZOU 7, OLE MISS 1, SCAR 5, TENN 5, TAMU 3, VANDY 5.

I'm sick of this winter..Enough already....


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