Posted: 1-9-2017, 11:07:57 PM

Looks like Odell Beckham Jr. and his travel buddies can spend the rest of their NFL offseason in Miami after the beat down they took from Green Bay on Sunday night.

Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, Victor Cruz, and Roger Lewis flew to South Beach on their day off to party on a boat with celebrity role models Justin Bieber and allegedly Johnny Manziel. The Biebís and Johnny Football, this could never end well.

Social media went nuts when the picture above surfaced. This picture is a classic. Itís like looking at one of those pictures and you circle all the things wrong in the picture. Jeans and boots on a yacht? Or what kind of a boat is that? Plaid button up shirt tied around your waist, a winter beanie, too much sun-in applied to hair, gold chains leaving awesome tan lines, only one guy packed flip-flops and sunglasses and the not so hidden red solo cup just to name a few. Maybe they booked the wrong flight because they sure didnít pack for South Beach. I just canít figure out if they have a stank face because the sun is in there eyes or they are miserable because this is a total sausage fest.

Odell Beckhamís response to the trip was ďWe were going to (Florida) to get our minds right, thatís what we weíre doing. I handle my business. Iím a grown man. I do what I am supposed to be doing. Iím in the building, when Iím supposed to be in the building. I donít miss team meetings. None of that.Ē

I will say that I agree that what a player does on his day off is his decision. When he makes it back to practice and meetings on time, is it really any of our business? No, itís really not any of our business. But, when the photo above gets leaked and you get your crap beat out of you in the next play off game then you are asking to walk the plank on how to defend and justify your quick trip. And now we know that OBJ left his ability to catch the ball at baggage claim after finishing Sundayís game with 11 targets and only four catches for 28 yards and THREE drops! Allegedly, he did punch a whole in the wall in next to the grounds crew locker room and was seen banging his head on the wall after the Packerís loss. Was that another way ďto get your mind rightĒ? Nope, just another incident of acting like a crybaby. The Giants should change their nicked name from the GMEN to the GBOYS. I donít think OBJ will ever grow up. Keep it up and heíll really be your Lyft driver.

I still canít figure out how this picture made it to dry land and then to be posted all over the internet! That person should be pushed overboard for leaking this. Without this picture, the public never knows the trip even happened.

Only four of the players were on the trip, but the way that the entire team played you would have thought the entire team was on a sinking ship. The Giants lost to the Packers 13-38 at Lambeau Field with temperatures near zero. Home >> Alison's BlogTop of Page