Polar Bear Fur
Posted: 7-14-2017, 11:37:34 AM

This Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor promotional tour is a marketing knockout. Thankfully, the sports gods will only allow it to last for four rounds. This four-day circus had stops in LA, Toronto, NY and they will end in London on Friday.

The theme may as well be called how many times can I call you a bitch tour. This shit talking tour is a full on marketing effort to push the sales of the August 26th $99 PayPerVew fight on Showtime. Iím pretty sure itís working.

But the New York stop took my Ďwhy I canít stand Conor McGregorí feelings to a whole new level. If McGregor got jumped, I wouldnít be surprised. He was flat out disrespectable to NYC! First, what in the hell was he wearing? I feel bad for that poor polar bear that had to die to make his coat. How embarrassed is LuLaRoe right now? Those leggings on McGregor were bleeeping awful! Then there is McGregor trying to rap the real Notorious, calling out 50-Cent, and flat out being a racist. Not one groupie has come forward to confirm that McGregor is half black; from the belly button down. Please, McGregor, never thrust again. I did learn that CDís are still in production. No way Jay-Z is team McGregor.

Conor McGregor has to be the most annoying person to ever chew gum! I donít even understand how someone can chew gum with their mouth wide open and have all of that shit coming out of your mouth at the same time.

Then there is Mayweather who always reverts back to how rich he is. Allegedly, there are rumors that Floyd hasnít been paying Uncle Sam and the ďPay your taxesĒ chants started. Sports can be pretty funny.

For the record, Iím not defending Mayweather but Iíll put my money on The Money Team all day. Floyd has been the face of boxing for years and for the last decade. Floyd and Manny have carried the sport. Floyd has been smart about his perfect 49 fights. Iím rooting for him to end his career at 50-0. Cocky McGregor said he would knockout Floyd in four rounds. I hope Floyd knocks McGregor out in four seconds.

Even if everything about Conor McGregor didnít get on my nerves, this issue with the fight is that all of the hype will be bigger than the actual fight. Boxing and MMA are different sports. If the fight was a street fight, McGregor would be the favorite. But this is a real boxing match where skill is so underrated. McGregor is going to need more than jabs backed by all that hot air coming out of his mouth to have a prayer. You donít just wake up and say, Iím going to be a boxer today and then sign up to fight the best boxer in the world and think you have a chance at winning. Then again, people also didnít think Trump would become the President of the United StatesÖ

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