Posted: 12-23-2016, 1:01:55 PM
For UT football...

Shawn T your NEW S&C coach!!!

SAY WHAT???!!!

If the OL is going to catch & dance why not RockinBody!
No more trouble with the music in the weightroom.
The music & Shawn T are so loud nobody will be heard!
Now that's a splash hire!

Verne Lundquist Blobfish action doll...

No muscle tone at all but chortles on command

Whiney Jamie shave club...

Shave da heed and whole body in protest until all the head coaches
at UT are fired. Join the movement now!

Crimson Tide Deer Antler Vitamins...

Don't settle for SEC life trophies. Get results with the only college chemistry department working for Nick Saban.
For the super fans out there get the deluxe Harvey Updike vitamins. Stories of amazing brain results have been recorded.

The Tim Tebow autographed bat...

A much fatter bat to foul or maybe hit a breaking ball.

More Songs...

I'll be home for Christ-mas
You can count on me (Fournette, McCaffrey, Winwood)
You'll be sweatin, bleedin, & risk-ing in-ju-ry
While I'll be re-cov-er-ing

You know Johnny & Jamar & Dalvin & Minkah
Rashaan & Da'Shawn & Ryan & Scarbrough
But do you recall, the most famous deer antler of all
Reuben the red tailed backer
Had a very scary close
And if you ever say him
You would even say it shows
All of the other deer antlers
Use to quit and call him names
They never let poor Reuben
Join in any antler games
Then one foggy New Year's Eve
Sa-ban came to say
Reuben with your tail so bright
Won't you kill some dogs to-night
Then all the antlers loved him
As they shouted out with glee
Reuben the human mis-sile
He'll go down in his-to-ry

You say there is no such thing as too much cheating
Just watch one team on New Year's Eve
But as for me and grandpa we be-lieve

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