Posted: 3-14-2017, 8:04:32 AM
Here is my BEST pick first...

Marquette over USCe

This is easy. It doesn't matter where they play this game. Lots of USCe fans in Greenville, SC. USCe has been slumping for over a month. Frank Martin wears out his guys. USCe last NCAA tourny win was 1973. It's all about USCe/SEC choking. Marquette just play a "B" game and advance.

MTSU over Minnesota

MTSU is under-seeded as a 12 seed. What disrespect! Nobody will play Middle. 30 wins is impressive=winners. MN is a middling BigTen team. The Gophers drew the short straw. One & done.

Rhode Island over Creighton

RI is hot and has a good PG. Creighton does not its PG.

Vanderbilt over Northwestern

I like Luke Kornet in this match-up. Vandy is hot. Luke will block shots, alter shots, & shoot 3's. NW has no answers for Kornet.

Wichita ST over Dayton

This seeding should be reversed. WSU should be the 7 seed. All Greg Marshall does is win his first round games every time.

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