Posted: 3-31-2017, 10:13:24 AM
The UT fanbase is fractured. This new AD hire did nothing to bring the fans together. The I-have-made-up-my-mind on John Currie fans are the majority. The wait-and-see fans are in the small minority.
Currie has a track record at two stops and both are not good.

Butch Jones has access to the players so buttoned up that Vol practice reports reveal so little. The first game is when fans will know the starting QB, improved defense, WRs, OL, DL, LBs, DBs, oh everything. The O&W game is not a game. Star players sit out. Maybe the QBs throw deep two times?

Wait until September? I say the fans have John Currie under the microscope now and everyday. He is the focus. Fans want 411 on the inside dealings with UTAD. The more leaks the better.

Butch Jones or John Currie who is the most hated or loved? It will depend on the day. The baseball coach is the first firing in two months.

I believe Butch Jones will go to another school to get away from meddling John Currie after the 2017 season. Other coaches may do the same thing. Will John Currie change from being a constant meddler and stick-to-the-rules guy? What coach will want to work at UT with John Currie as his/her boss? Home >> Doink's BlogTop of Page