Posted: 11-16-2017, 12:22:59 PM
I probably be labeled a NegaVol. I wanted Butchie out after year 3.
But, I try to see the glass half full. Here is some positives that Coach Butch Jones did in his tenure at UT.

Raised the APR to a high level. Good to great kick-off returns.
Transformed my body! SAY WHAT???

I don't drink. I don't smoke or vape. Want do you do to take out this frustration nightmare that was/is KKJ?

I work-out cardio and weights. I mean hard. I studied Youtube videos on exercise and nutrition. I learned to go by how your body responds when lifting weights. I used to lift medium to heavy weights with little to no change to my body. I then tried light weights and high reps. My body parts grew and grew. When I wanted to force reps I thought of Batch Jones(any sayings or his stoopid football) and that weight got crushed! I don't turn green but my channeled rage for all things Botch has put quality muscle on this here body. I got 6 pack abs, v-taper, and big arms now!

I eat nutrition not empty calories too. Good fats, lean protein, carbs, super greens, etc. Chips and Barb's chip dip is a no-no. Don't drink soft drinks or eat greasy foods.

What I want right now, is for all you fat ugly(excluding Roget) 99 fans to keep the noise down, as I take my robe off and show what a 50+ sexy body looks like...

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