Posted: 1-15-2018, 11:03:07 PM
Keith Jackson is best remembered for 40 years of college football play-by-play. A folksy delivery with a deep voice calling the action.
He knew and respected the history of the game and great coaches.
I appreciated that he liked UT maybe because he respected Bob Neyland. Frank Broyles was doing the color for the 1986 Sugar bowl and was obvious that he disliked Tennessee. Keith would counter with UT complements. Jackson's last game, the first retirement, was the 1999 Fiesta bowl National title game and UT won of course.

I loved the fact that he got excited calling the action which led to imitations. Here are some signature catchphrases. "WHOA NELLIE", "Hit and cracked and FUM-BLEDD!!!, "WHOA BOY!!!","GOT IT", "Student Body Left", "Student Body Right", "A Walter Mitty Story", "The Big Eaters", "The Big Uglys", "There Goes _______", "Quicker than a hiccup".

Maybe because there were so few televised college games on Saturdays in the 60's and 70's Jackson called big games. Well, being the best, Jackson called big games for 40 years. His last broadcast game, his second retirement was the NC Rose bowl Texas vs Southern Cal 2006. A great game.

He broadcasted Wide World of Sports, MLB, NFL, USFL, auto racing, NBA, college basketball, and 10 Olympics. Good calling all sports.

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