South Carolina Game Preview
Posted: 10-12-2017, 7:32:35 PM
The worst loss in the history of Neyland Stadium. The first shutout since 1994. That was absolutely pathetic. I have no idea how there are still sycophants lobbying to keep Butch Jones. How could you not want a change after that? I've covered the sycophants enough in this blog. They are pretty much irrelevant at this point seeing as it's all but a done deal that Butch Jones will not be our coach in 2018. I urge everyone to keep cheering for the Vols and supporting the players. We don't need to have another losing season. We've had enough of those the past 12 years for a lifetime. Aside from that, we need to make our voices heard and demand a quality coach. There are plenty out there this year. There is no excuse to whiff. John Currie, the Haslams, Chancellor Davenport and anyone who has a hand in the decision need to hear from the fans. If we don't get it right this time, we may be doomed to walk the road Notre Dame has been walking for over 20 years. They have high academic standards. What's our excuse? Tennessee hasn't lost fewer than 4 games in a season since 2004. They haven't lost fewer than 3 in a season since 2001. It's also been since 2007 since a 10 win season and since 2001 since an 11 win season. Meanwhile, South Carolina, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Stanford, Missouri, Wisconsin, Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, Michigan State, Iowa, Louisville, and West Virginia have all posted 11 win seasons since then.

My point is this. Since 1970, the longest Michigan went between 10 win seasons is 5 years. The longest Texas has went without 10 wins is the 7 year drought they are currently in. The longest Penn State has went is 6 years. Ohio State's longest drought was 6 years. Nebraska's longest gap is 5 years, although they are currently adding to that. Oklahoma did go 12 years between 10 win seasons before Stoops got there. USC went 13 years without a 10 win season before Pete Carroll got there. Alabama's longest drought was 5 years. Even before Saban they managed 10 win seasons every few years. Georgia's longest gap was 8 years. Tennessee is currently working on its 10th year without a 10 win season. Our drought has been one of the worst among power programs. Only Oklahoma and USC had worse droughts. They both got out of those droughts by hiring elite coaches. It's still possible for us to reclaim our rightful place, but we can't screw up this hire.

So cheer on the Vols and don't hope for losses to get rid of Botch. He's not coming back. And let it be know that we are demanding a coach that's capable of winning championships.

Here is my current list of coaches that I want.

1. Bob Stoops- Ask him if he still doesn't want to coach for 6 or 7 million a year.
2. Chip Kelly - If Stoops says no, offer Chip 6 or 7 million and see what he says.
3. Bobby Petrino- I kinda gagged as I typed that but he's probably the 3rd best option, despite his sleaze.
4. Justin Fuente- Offer him 5 million and see if he's interested.
5. (Tie) Les Miles- If we get down this far, let's go with Les. He's a fun coach and a definite upgrade.
5. (Tie) Jeff Brohm- I was iffy on Brohm at first but after looking at his record, he's a pretty special coach. If he brought in an elite defensive coordinator, he could be deadly here.

I know everyone is losing their minds over Jon Gruden again but the way I see it, he's no better than our 4th best option even if he did want the job. Stoops, Kelly and Petrino are all more proven in college. Apparently, Gruden is the top target among some of the people who actually have a say. Look, Gruden would be an upgrade for sure. He would probably surround himself with great assistants if he took the job. It would be an upgrade for sure. But he shouldn't be the top target. Not this year anyway. When Stoops and Chip Kelly are just sitting there, you HAVE to call them first. Tennessee should be the best job open this year. We should have our pick. No other job that's open should hire a coach better than we do. For once, LET'S NOT SCREW THIS UP!!!!!!!

I'm going to be honest. It's hard for me to break down this game. Our offense has sucked pretty hard and the defense hasn't been much better. South Carolina isn't great but they have been a scrappy little team and have pulled off some nice wins. Guarantano starting is a good sign and I think he will probably do better than Dormady but Tennessee's problems run much deeper than quarterback. The team has major chemistry issues. I'm not sure I see that getting any better as long as Botch is the coach. I think the stadium will be far from full and I think Muschamp easily gets the best of Larry Scott. And considering our defense, I think South Carolina will make enough plays to win.

South Carolina 27
Tennessee 20

In other games...

Miami 34
Georgia Tech 30

USC 38
Utah 27

Wisconsin 36
Purdue 21

Auburn 41
LSU 27

TCU 37
Kansas State 30

Texas A&M 24
Florida 20

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