Missouri Game Preview
Posted: 11-9-2017, 7:33:05 PM
With each passing week, my dread for writing this blog is inching closer to disdain. It's bad enough that this is a wasted football season. It's bad enough that Butch Jones has made it this far past the Georgia game, despite a 1-4 record since then. It's bad enough that the fate of Tennessee football rests with one power hungry and feckless family. Even after a win on homecoming, we lose our best commit. Even after losing our best commit, Big Jim Haslam is giving Botch the impression that he can still save his job. And I'm just hearing all of this and thinking "What the actual hell?" How can a man who was a captain on the 1951 national championship team, whose coach was General freaking Neyland, possibly consider retaining this purple imbecile of a coach? The only rational explanation is that he is going senile. One of his sons is our little manlette governor and his other son is currently imposing the death penalty on the Browns. These people shouldn't have this much power. Every major UT decision shouldn't require their okay. This is tyranny. We are all being held hostage by a dynastic dictatorship. And when little manlette Bill becomes president of UT, their power grab will be complete.

Why can't we just let Peyton Manning and Phillip Fulmer go out and find the coach and let Currie work out the details? The most logical thing to do would be to let the coach that last won a national championship and the legendary player who probably knows more about football than anyone else alive identify the best fit to be Tennessee's next coach. But we can't ever do the logical thing can we? Georgia has Saban Jr., Florida hasn't been good since Tebow was there, so they are probably going to pay top dollar to get it right. They will probably end up with either Scott Frost or Chip Kelly. And we don't even want to let go of a conman whose recruiting class is falling apart because no one wants to play for a loser. This is why I'm at my breaking point. I never thought in my life that I would be facing the end of me caring about Tennessee football. I thought that would only end when I died. But here I am, at 36 years old and there's a good chance that I only have 3 more games left. If they bring Botch back, I can't do it anymore. If they hire some retread or some average coach from the MAC, then I can't do it anymore. If they don't show me that they care about winning championships, then I can't do it anymore.

Missouri's offense is going to torch Shoop's defense. Tennessee's offense will be lucky to score 20, especially if Guarantano doesn't play. And no, Will McBride isn't better than Guarantano. He was 1-8. He made the right call on a zone read and he feels pressure okay. Other than that, it was pretty bland.

Missouri 41
Tennessee 17

In other games...

Washington 34
Stanford 29

Auburn 24
Georgia 20

Alabama 38
Mississippi State 17

South Carolina 24
Florida 10

TCU 37
Oklahoma 31

Notre Dame 30
Miami 27

Last Week (6-1) Overall Record (42-21)

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