Wednesday Live @ Citizens National Bank in Sevierville
Posted: 9-13-2017, 3:51:37 PM
On Florida Wednesday, I'm begging you to please help me spread the word on getting tickets in for the UMass game. It's a Noon time kickoff which makes these tickets that much more expendable. Ask around in your office and among your friends and let's get us over the 200 ticket mark. As I've said here, I will literally pay for every last young child to get into that game if need be. But I know you won't let me down on this. How do I know? Well, you've never failed me before in matters such as this. What I'm talking about is this.

Tailgate With The Kids Benefiting Children of The Incarcerated. September 23rd Circle Park @ Tailgate Tennessee Every child and mentor needs a ticket to the game. Please help. We're also furnishing a full tailgate for these children & Mentors. Thanks To Neal Heath & Hunter Rodgers for purchasing a spot in Circle Park at Tailgate Tennessee!!

Great stuff!!!

Please attend if you can!!!

Send your tickets TODAY to Tony Basilio
PO Box 26011
Knoxville, TN 37912

If you want to get your tickets in my hands, you're more than welcome to stop at a remote this week.

Tony's Remote Schedule This Week: Today: Citizens National Bank in Sevierville Thur: Bearden Hill Fieldhouse Fri: Dixie Kitchen, 605 N. Broadway

Come on out!!! Let's do this thing for the kids.

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Congrats to my main man Tony Robinson on his publicity in the ESPN 30 for 30 Year of The Scabs on the 1987 NFL strike season. Tony's true personality shined through in that show. The truth is that Tony Robinson should've had a much better football career. He deserved better. If he didn't suffer that devastating injury at Bama in 1985, Tony could've been UT's first and only Heisman Trophy winner.

The guy's talent was so apparent in the Monday night game versus the Cowboys. The damnedest thing I've ever seen was his performance in that Monday game virtually right off the street. The part on Tony Robinson being bailed out of jail was amazing. The story of Bobby Beatherd reaching out to him was great. I had NO IDEA that the commissioner of the NFL was persecuting Tony Robinson the way they did. Then at the end when he was coaching that pee wee team was AWESOME. So proud to know that guy. It's really well done. It might be the best 30 for 30 of all time. One takeaway is that Gene Upshaw was a REAL man.

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I'm Loving Tennessee Saturday: Believe me. This Florida/Tennessee series has broken my heart millions of times since the league split into divisions.

Jerry Colquitt Is LOVING TENNESSEE: Jerry will have this space tomorrow and will be giving his reasons why, but early returns are that he really likes UT's matchups in this game. A little sneak peak here. Jerry thinks Josh Smith could have a nice game on Saturday. Plus he LOVES Tennessee's spread offense versus Florida's personnel.

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Gators Minus Bite: Don't get me wrong, Florida still has some OK skill players but nothing to the level of Callaway and Scarlett. If these guys aren't cleared by the week's end, what will the Gators do? We all know Tennessee is kind of ugly on defense but Florida has ZERO QB play.

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I'll Believe It When I See It Part 1: Florida is acting as if Feleipe Franks will start versus the Vols and play the whole game. I believe Florida's best chance to win this game is by starting Luke Del Rio. Truth is Tennessee caught a serious break when he got hurt before last year's game. It seems Franks doesn't yet know that offense the way Del Rio does. If Franks goes for Florida this will be a huge break for Tennessee.

I'll Believe It When I See It Part II: Robbie Andreu of the Gainesville Sun is a terrific reporter. He told me yesterday that those entrusted with the investigation of the credit card fraud into the suspended Florida players have been sidetracked by helping to clean up the hurricane. He said those folks entrusted with the investigation won't be getting to this till way after the Tennessee game. Now, if all things were on the level, this seems to make sense. As we've seen time and time again, in major college football these things have a tendency to work out. Let's just say a major booster makes a call to somebody at that school, what do you think they're going to do? Yeah, I'll believe these guys remain suspended when I see it.

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Something's Gotta Give: Doug Nussmeier, Florida's offensive coordinator is HATED in Gainesville while Bob Shoop couldn't win dog catcher among Tennessee's fan base. The losing coordinator in this game might get fired. Look at it from a Tennessee standpoint. If Shoop lets that putrid Gator offense move the ball on his defense, how will he ever get footing again here? It's a great question. Conversely if Nussmeier lets Tennessee's sorry (and I do mean SORRY) defense take down his guys, how will Florida Nation see him? I'm talking about the point of no return.

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Superstar Alex Myers is proving his mettle on me with weekends on your Garza Law Fifth Quarter Fan Reaction as well as SEC Sunday Night. Today Alex offers his take on this weird Tennessee/Florida game.

Alex Myers
'Thoughts heading into the Florida game

First off let me just start by saying that my thoughts and prayers are with those who were in the path of all of the storms of the past few weeks.

On a football note, Iím really glad that this game will be played in Gainesville. There are multiple reasons for which, but one of the main reasons is that I want a win on Floridaís home field. Tennessee hasnít beaten the Gators in Gainesville since 2003. Did that not make your blood boil? Since winning there in 1971, the Vols have only won TWO times against Florida in Gainesville. So, why would I want to play there? Simple. Tennessee fans right now are sharks, and with several Florida players suspended, Vol fans can smell blood.

On to the game:

As Beano often talks about, we donít have years to just throw out as fans. Football seasons are too few and too far between for us to just throw in the towel after two games. Now, make no mistake about it. Tennessee has been a little short of fully impressive through two games. The defense looks like it has more holes in it than a slice of Swiss cheese. Our offensive line, while at times has looked good, has yet to impress me for four full quarters. With that being said, hereís why Iím not counting the Vols out.

Itís no secret that Florida isnít always the most intense environment. Itís not an easy place to get a win, as the stats show. However, there are far more places that are tougher to play than Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. With this being the case, and adding on the fact that with the unfortunate weather that has rolled through the state, thereís a decent chance that there will be a faction of Floridaís fan base that wonít be able to make the trip as usual.

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On top of that, the streak is over. The monkey is off the backs of this team and this coaching staff. Now, finally this team isnít carrying the weight of teams prior. At last, Saturdayís game is back to being a rivalry game between two divisional opponents. The team surely wonít feel quite the pressure as previous teams have, and that makes me feel better heading into Saturday. Iíll even throw out a sheepy stat for you. Every single time that Tennessee has beaten Florida in Gainesville, it has been an odd-numbered year. The wins in Gainesville came in 1953, 1955, 1971, 2001, and 2003. Could 2017 be the next year?

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To wrap things up, let me make one more point. As I mentioned earlier, this team and this coaching staff are clearly far from perfect. Even so, this team is 2-0. Theyíre undefeated going into this game, which is more than Florida can say. Their offense looks atrocious, while we have what looks like a pretty good quarterback, a very good SEC running back, and a wide receiver corps that is young but looks like itís got a lot of raw ability. Do I feel great about this team heading to Florida? No. Do I feel bad about our chances though? The answer to that is also no. So, until this team loses and our faults officially come back to haunt us, Iím going to try to remain positive with nearly the whole season still out in front of us.

Until next time,
Go Vols!
Alex Myers'

Hatfield's Nine
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It is officially Florida Week. A crossroads game for Butch Jones and his program awaits Saturday afternoon in Gainesville.

1. Tennessee has to be better on the periphery defensively against the Gators. The Vols have allowed way too many easy yards on the edges in the first two games.

2. Florida is in a tough position. The uncertainty and tumult caused by Irma is not conducive to maximum on field performance.

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3. Michigan has put two comfortable wins in the book. That said, the Wolverines have not been overwhelming.

4. Penn State rolled Pitt to avenge a frustrating 2016 loss. The Nittany Lions look like the class of the Big 10 right now.

5. I could watch Baker Mayfield planting the OU flag at midfield in Columbus a million times and it would never get old. That moment is permanently etched in Sooner more.

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6. Rich Rodriguez is on very thin ice at Arizona. The Wildcats missed a huge opportunity to build some cushion before PAC 12 play by losing at home to Houston.

7. If anyone wonders what karma looks like in sports, take a gander at Baylor football. That couldn't be happening to a more deserving program.

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8. USC had the look of a national title contender in clobbering Stanford. The Trojans matched the physicality of Cardinal for a change.

9. Archie Miller is doing exactly what was expected when he made the move to Indiana. He is tearing it up on the recruiting trail.

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Make sure you do yourself a favor and catch that 30 for 30 on Tony Robinson and the Year of The Scabs. Amazing stuff. I'm so proud to be associated with that VFL. Great story of redemption. Great story!

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Go Vols


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Q: When will we be able to hear these new podcasts, like that X-Cast?

A: It's all coming soon. We premiered a new Gate Twenty Won yesterday after the Basilio Show live on the app and will debut one today from the 1980 Georgia game. As for the 'X'-Cast....I'm going to upload these in real time with minimal production. Therefore I'm hoping to get one of these up in the next 10 days. It all depends on 'X's schedule.

Q: When will Southeastern Sunday debut?

A: We're shooting for the Sunday after the first full weekend of the football season.

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