Posted: 2-13-2018, 1:12:04 PM
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Tennessee and South Carolina tonight at 9pm Eastern in Thompson-Boling Arena. I hope the SEC revisits forcing Eastern division teams to play home games this late.

Jerry Meyer Scouting Director of 24/7 was immensely interesting yesterday in discussing the success of Rick Barnes and Tennessee hoops. Meyer believes that Tennessee is emblematic of a year in college hoops where the most talented teams aren't necessarily the ones that are winning. The ones winning this year are the teams that play the hardest and the most unselfishly together.

Jerry Meyer made me re-think my position on Anfernee Simons. I've been operating under the assumption that Simons is a risk not worth taking for Tennessee but Meyer made some great points with me yesterday on whether Tennessee should take Simons or someone else in the spring signing period.

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On Anfernee Simons, Jerry Meyer Believes:

1. Simons is a great kid and won't upset Tennessee's chemistry next yr.

2. Simons is a tremendous prospect who's highly coachable.

3. Tennessee leads for Simons.

4. Simons is a bon-a-fide star basketball player.

5. Simons could open up a pipeline for future blue chip players.

6. Simons might really benefit from a yr in UT's weight program.

7. Simons could move from a late 1st round to lottery at UT.

8. Rick Barnes & staff have shown the ability to develop players.

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Jerry Meyer put it best when talking about Simons...You're this far in with him so you might as well swing for the fences. If Simons goes pro, oh well. It's a chance you almost have to take at this point. Prior to talking to Meyer I was concerned about a top flight, star player upsetting Tennessee's chemistry. After Saturday night at Alabama and yesterday's conversation with Meyer, I'm ready to add a pro player!

Future Vol? Projection: has Anfernee Simons going #23 to the Lakers.

Current Vol Projection: has Kyle Alexander #29 to Atlanta. Could this entice him to bolt Tennessee after the season?

Revisiting Alabama Hoops...An Embarrassment Of Riches: Donta Hall F 6-9 232 JR Luverne, AL #81

Riley Norris G 6-7 210 SR Albertville, AL #90

Collin Sexton G 6-3 190 FR Mableton, GA #7

Alex Reese F 6-9 250 FR Pelham, AL #58

Daniel Giddens F 6-11 247 SO Mableton, GA

Herbert Jones G 6-7 200 FR Greensboro, AL #71

Tevin Mack G 6-7 223 JR Columbia, SC #48

John Petty G 6-5 195 FR Huntsville, AL #30

Braxton Key F 6-8 225 SO Charlotte, NC #68

As it turns out, Alabama is beyond loaded. Seeing was believing Saturday night. How do they not have the best record in the SEC with all that talent?

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Mark Griffin is up next with his hands in the air. Yes. Patented three pointers.

Griffin’s 3 Pointers
'Griffin’s 3 Pointers- South Carolina

1. Bounce Back Game- Both UT and South Carolina displayed season lows in points scored on Saturday with Alabama downing the Vols 78-50 while SC managed to score a measly 41 points at home against Florida which scored 65. South Carolina shot 27.8% from the field (15-54), 15.4% from the 3 (2-13), and 60% from the Free Throw Line (9-15). On top of that, the Gamecocks were out rebounded 46-24!!!

2. As A Team- 13-12 (4-8) on the road 4-5 Non conference notable wins- Wofford 73-52, UMass 76-70, and Wyoming 80-64 Losses- Va Tech 67-86, Clemson 48-64, and Texas Tech 63-70
SEC ranked 7th Rebounds- 37 UT ranked 9th- 36.4 SEC ranked 11th 3 Point %- 32 UT ranked 3rd- 38.6 SEC ranked 13th Scoring- 69 UT ranked 8th- 75.9 SEC ranked 14th Field Goal %- 39.5 UT ranked 9th- 44.5

3. WATCH: Chris Silva 6’9” Junior. Former High School 4 Star performer

Minutes Per Game- 25.1, Field Goal %- 95-208 45.7, Three Point %- 5-12 41.7

Free Throw %- 162-218 74.3, Rebounds- 77-113 7.6, Personal Fouls- 83, Turnovers- 57, Blocks- 32, and Points Per Game- 14.3

Leads the team in Field Goals Attempted and Made, Field Goal %, Free Throws Attempted and Made, Free Throw %, Rebounds Per Game, Personal Fouls, Turnovers, Blocks, and Points Per Game.

SEC ranked 4th Rebounds- 7.6

SEC ranked 7th Blocks- 32

SEC ranked- Tied 15th- Scoring- 14.3

Talk to you tonight after the game.'

Griff!!! Great job...Why do I get the feeling that tonight's game will be close.....Just a hunch on my part.

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Matt Dixon is up next breaking it down scientifically.

Matt Dixon
'— Let’s not kid ourselves. We all would’ve taken a split before last week’s games. I’m just glad we didn’t lay an egg in Lexington and let the Wildcats turn their season around. Saturday was easily the worst performance of the season. It just happened to come when our opponent played arguably their best game of the year.

— How that Alabama team has nine losses is beyond me. I’ve only watched the Crimson Tide three times this year: vs. Tennessee, vs. Auburn and vs. Oklahoma. They looked like a Final Four team in all three games. Granted, they were all at home, but Alabama is a team I’d hate to face in the tourney.

— It’s really a testament to the job Rick Barnes has done this year that this team hadn’t been blowout before Saturday. Luckily, suffering a blowout loss didn't derail previous Tennessee teams that made a run in March.

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Cuonzo Martin’s 2013-14 Sweet 16 team lost by 26 at Florida.

The 2009-10 Elite Eight team lost by 31 to Kentucky in the SEC Tournament, and lost to Kevin O’Neill’s USC team by 22 in December.

The 2007-08 team, which is probably the best team in the Bruce Pearl era, lost by 19 to a Rick Barnes-coached Texas team early in the season.

— The talk of being a No. 1 seed after the Kentucky win was absurd, and Saturday ended any that silly notion. Even being a 2-seed was/is a stretch, in my opinion. I still think this team should make it to the second weekend of the tournament. With a good draw, an Elite Eight or Final Four isn’t too farfetched. Of course, a first or second round loss could easily happen as well.

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— The Vols are now 18-6 (8-4 SEC), and tied with Florida for 2nd place in the SEC. Both are two games back of Auburn, though UT is essentially three games behind Pearl’s team because of the War Eagle Tiger Plainsman’s win in TBA earlier this year. It’s worth noting, Missouri and Alabama are tied for 4th, with 7-5 conference records. Both Mizzou and Bama have the tie breaker over Tennessee, so a double-bye in the SEC Tournament isn’t a sure-thing as of now.

— Looking ahead, the Vols have six more regular season games:

vs South Carolina

at Georgia

Vs. Florida

At Ole Miss

At Mississippi St.

Vs. Georgia

1911 Cumberland Ave
Tennessee will most likely be favored in all six of these games. The two hardest remaining are Florida at home and at Mississippi St. I’m hoping for at least a 4-2 record down the stretch. That would put Tennessee at 22-8 (12-6 SEC). That probably puts the Vols on the 4 or 5-seed line heading into the SEC Tournament.

Tennessee really caught a break with its conference schedule. Since the SEC did away with divisions, teams only play five schools twice each year. For Tennessee this season, those teams are Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, South Carolina and Georgia. The Wildcats are a major disappointment this year, and the other four teams are at the bottom of the SEC standings.

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— The Vols look to rebound tonight against a struggling South Carolina team. The Gamecocks have lost five straight games, and are just 13-12 (4-8 SEC) on the season. Tennessee won 70-63 in Columbia earlier this season. Lamonte Turner led the Vols with 25 points, and Derrick Walker had his best game as a Vol to date, with a career-high 10 points. SC’s Chris Silva was plagued by foul trouble and finished with just six points and five rebounds. He’s the Gamecocks leading scorer, averaging 14.3 points per game, as well as 7.6 rebounds per game, which ranks fourth in the SEC.


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Awesome reportage Matt.....We've had better teams than this one get absolutely popped and still have great March showings. Thanks for the history lesson!!!

Tonight....Make sure you catch Garza Law Tennessee Basketball Overtime!!! It's going to be awesome!!!

Final Thought: With Kennedy out at Ole Miss, will they go after Steve Forbes at season's end?


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