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Posted: 1-10-2018, 8:43:10 AM
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Whatta Night In Nashville: Vandy went into last night as a 6-9 basketball team but you would've never known it by watching that first half. They looked like an undefeated team in that first 20 minutes...EVERYTHING went right for them. It was DISGUSTING.

Vandy hit 8-15 from the 3 point line to build a 10 point lead. Mark Griffin called this shot yesterday in the blog.

Meanwhile Grant Williams had a clinic like 17 to keep the Vols alive in first half.

Mystifyingly, Jordan Bowden attempted only one (1) shot in the 15 minutes he played. That's not going to work for this team. That's never going to work. He's got to get more involved.

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Bowden hit 8 points in the first 2:20 of the second half as Tennessee cut a 10 point lead to 5.

Williams ended the night with with 37.

Vols went 25-28 from Free Throw Line.

Vols 13 assists to 8 turnovers.

Schofield's Tip Last Night: To make it 20-20 early was disgusting. You talk about a guy doing work. He's easily the unsung hero on Tennessee basketball team. Nobody plays harder more consistently than Schofield.

Saban Lee: Saw John Fulkerson and he jumped out the gym and dunked on him. Poor Fulkerson is going to appear in a lot of highlights and a lot of team videos at the end of the year. Only most wont be Tennessee videos. That poor guy constantly draws with the basketball and it usually ends up in Tennessee's goal in a semi spectacular fashion.

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A Few Lingering Q's From National Title Game Involving Vols:

Does Georgia Recover?? The Dawgs were ahead 2 scores late in a National Championship Game facing a true freshman QB thatʻs played very little. You're not supposed to lose that game. What are the lingering effects of this? Should be interesting to see.

Was Monday Night's Result The Best Outcome For Tennessee? In one sense Georgia remains hungry because that brass ring is still out there to be chased. Then again losing like that could leave a lasting mark. Several Dawgs came back for a special senior year in Athens and they did it. Congrats to those guys.

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How Will Kirby Smart Follow This Up With His Own Guys? It's one thing to win with somebody else's players as Kirby mostly did with this team. Sure, Swift and Fromm are terrific freshmen but that program loses a ton of guys. Now Kirby has manage his own guys. He's made a ton of promises on the recruiting trail and now he has to manage expectations of all those five star hearts. It's never easy. Winning big quickly may exacerbate this. It's food for thought any way.

What Did Monday Night's Result Do For Pruitt's Street Cred: If I'm him, I'm annexing all of Bama's success when it comes to getting guys in Tennessee spacious ship. There's plenty of room to grow here. Tons of playing time. Tons of opportunity. Tons of potential. It's time to fly here in Knoxville. Does Monday's result and Pruitt's successful adjustments matter now that he's touched down in Knoxville.

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Is The End Near For Saban? Was that happiest night of his life comment a tell from Saban? Is he now, dare I say satisfied? Will he coach past 70 years of age. Look at this from his standpoint, he's now triangulated by former top assistants in Jimbo Fisher (in his own division, playing him annually), Jeremy Pruitt (his permanent opponent, playing him annually) plus Kirby (Sportsclips) Smart. All three of these guys are going to beat his brains out for ballplayers. At some point this has to wear a guy out. And Saban gets after it on the recruiting trail. Rick Barnes he ain't. There's no resting on his laurels. How long can Saban go at this rate?

Davis Knows: Davis in Nashville called the show yesterday with a great idea. Who are the Winners and Losers from the National Title game. Here's our take.

National Title Game: Winners & Losers

Winners: Saban: He's tied the Bear. He had the testicular fortitude to roll with a true freshman QB. He's the best there is and the best there ever was. Saban is a complete winner. But he's also a little bit of a loser too (see below).

Georgia: These guys overachieved this year. Sure losing like that no doubt stung but Georgia had a tremendous season. They won an SEC Championship. Those guys did a lot in 2017.

Bama: It's disgusting but when you win 3 Natty's in Four years you're a winner.

Tua: That kid was classy and classic. A true freshman put in that spot responding like that is other worldly. What's he going to look like when he gets his legs under him and the game slows down? I don't want to find out.

Matt Luke: If you watched him on that Film Room from ESPN, you can't help but sense his 'I'm pinching myself that I'm here' demeanor. That guy is classic.

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Mullet Boy: Staying in The Film Room here. Gundy's hair dye would make Dave Hart blush. For my midlife crisis, I've shaved that thing. Gundy has taken the road less traveled. He needs to at least dye the beard.

Chubb & Michel: Those guys came back to do something special. They did it. Congrats are in order.

Greek Kicker: Poor guy probably knows a great spaghetti recipe but he really gagged at the end of regulation. He probably wasn't done any favors when Bama centered the ball at the end for him.

Film Room: That was the breakout winner of the college post-season. Anything that mutes Kirk and Herbie gets my vote.

Atlanta: They know how to throw a party!!!

Andy Loy: My boy!!! Former Dawg. His company US Beverage contacted him with word last week that they would pay his way into that game so he could go and watch his boys play for the National Title. What an amazing gesture for a really great guy. I love stuff like this and will celebrate it right here.

National Anthem: Zach Brown Band + Atlanta Gospel Chorus David Walker and High Praise was a complete home run. What a beautiful rendition of the anthem. That was perhaps the best I've ever heard.

Hurts: Anyone that takes rejection like that gets my vote.


Nick Saban: Saban told Tom Rinaldi last that it was the happiest day of his life. No offense Terri Saban. No offense kids, grandkids, parents, grandparents. No offense. THAT was the happiest day of his life. That's one sick puppy right there.

Georgia: See my comments above. Will this one leave a sting? Great question.

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Mel Tucker: A few weeks back he was almost UT's Head Coach. Now he's going to get some serious heat. Mel won't have his party hat on any time soon.

Jim Cheney: He almost had a perfect game. But almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Hot Rod: Georgia's kicker did his part. 51 yarder in OT was next level.

Security: 60-75 minute lines to get into that venue is terrible and disgraceful. Come on guys and gals. You've got to do better than that.

Butch Jones: The season which started with Jones, his trashcan and his malcontent QB ended with Saban hoisting another Natty.

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Terri Saban: Her husband Nick told Tom Rinaldi last that it was the happiest day of his life. No offense Terri Saban. No offense kids, grandkids, parents, grandparents. No offense. THAT was the happiest day of his life. That's one sick puppy right there. This gal lives a lush and lavish life but has to interface with Nick Saban. She's kind of a loser in this deal.

Georgia Nation: Yeah. They got to the big game. Yeah, they won the SEC Championship.

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The weather has finally improved and UT hoops won in a building that is often a house of horrors for them. It has been a good couple of days in Big Orange Company.

1. Tennessee took the best Vanderbilt had to offer in the first half and did not throw in the towel. Amazing what a difference a week has made in the team's approach.

2. The Vols did a fantastic job of exploiting favorable matchups. They found something that worked and stuck with it.

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3. Kentucky was incredibly fortunate to escape with a home win against Texas A&M. This is not an overwhelming edition of the Wildcats.

4. Texas A&M is eventually going to make someone pay for their early misfortunes in conference play. The Aggies are too talented to struggle much longer.

5. Rhode Island appears poised to run away from the field in the Atlantic 10. The Rams are a talented, experience team with the potential to do serious damage in March.

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6. Virginia has methodically positioned themselves to contend in the ACC. The Cavaliers are a defensive juggernaut.

7. The manner in which Jalen Hurts reacted to being replaced in the biggest game of the season gave a window into Alabama's success. When everyone is pursuing a common goal it creates an environment conducive to excellence.

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8. The tension between NBA coaches and ESPN will be interesting to monitor going forward. I wonder how long it will be before the league office gets involved.

9. Arsenal tries to regain its dignity in League Cup play against Chelsea. The Gunners desperately need a result today.

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Posted: Friday, January 19th, 1:48 AM
by Beano
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by Doink
Regal Is As Regal Does: The non call on Kentucky's Gabriel at the end of that A&M game last night was disgusting. The Cats are not very good and didn't really deserve to win last nightʻs game. They were brutal in the final minute with a comedy of errors yet got out of (Cor)Rupp(t) Arena a winner and 2-1 in the SEC. I guess it's better to be lucky than good.

Lunardi: Has 9 teams in the NCAA Tournament. He has the Vols in a 5 seed prior to last night's game. This and a dollar might get you a cup of coffee somewhere decent. It's not worth a whole lot on January 10th but interesting nonetheless.

Final Thought: What a glorious night in Nashville!!! And yes,,,,,Kentucky is lucky out loud.

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